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What is 'qussa'?

Qussa (alternatively spelled qossa, qissa or, in Lebanese, 'ussa) is the Arabic word for 'story'. Don't mispronounce it as kussa, as this is not a website about zucchinis.

What is qussa.nl?

Qussa.nl is the website of Nicolien Kegels. To the left you can find previously published articles, pictures, and my blog. Enjoy!

Who is Nicolien? 


Anthropologist. Teacher. Writer. Lefgrietje. Always looking for problems to solve and people to observe. Also always wondering why people do what they do, and what they have to say about it, true or not true (as far as truth exists).

Lived on several different continents (Amsterdam, NYC, Beirut, Cairo, Lesvos) and traveled to a few more (East- and Southern Africa, Australia, Asia, Caribbean). Speaks a couple of languages (Dutch, English, French, Arabic) and likes to take risks.

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I can write, correct, analyze, criticize, and organize. I can also listen, translate, teach, speech, debate and report. I will not be your dancing monkey, but I will make sure you get what you need – and probably more.

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