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Do Lebanese Men Like Blondes?

Warning: if you ever decide to google something embarrassing, you should know that somewhere, somebody is going to have a laugh at your expense when they see your rather hilarious search-term coming up in their site-statistics. And because I’m not so selfish that I want to keep all the fun to myself, I will share with you some of the recent searches that got people to my blog – and the solutions, if I have any. It seems that many people are looking for stories. Stories about the (Armenian) Mafia, Lebanese wedding stories, Saida stories, stories about the resistance, stories about peace, Oosterhout-stories, or stories about Eid el Fitr-stories… as you can see, I can help you with those.

Other searches are a bit more complicated: maybe one of you can help the people looking for ‘a picture of the head of Imam Hussein’? Or for ‘rulers who have been declared insane’? Who knows where to find information about ‘frequently, the body and face of a beloved person?’?

Search-terms also betray people’s fears and desires: ‘I need a speech for a funeral’ sounds like a cry for help, but I can’t remember ever writing about that. ‘I panic when the phone rings’ is another revealing search for which the answer is most likely not found anywhere on qussa.nl. ‘Doggy-style’ also gets you here, but I highly doubt this is the desired search-result (obviously, the post is about weapons. This is Lebanon, after all). I also can’t help you with your recurring search (yes, yours) for a ‘Lebanese chat’, nor for ‘Lebanese women most beautiful.’ (Are they?)

I did once mention the black men’s bike of the former Dutch minister of Justice, and I also dropped a word or two about Lebanese hairstyles. Need help with your wedding proposal? Look here or here or here. Or here, if you need it to be romantic.

And finally, the most pressing question that you turned to Google for: 'Do Lebanese men like blondes'? I guess they do