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Who needs enemies with politicians like this?

Naharnet (always a good source of laughter news) reports the following: Geagea greedy for Public Works Ministry which Jumblat Clings on To.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has reportedly informed Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri during a recent meeting that he wants the public works ministry in the new government, a portfolio MP Walid Jumblat is not willing to abandon. The daily As Safir on Friday, which carried the report, described talks Wednesday evening between Geagea and Hariri as "stormy."

It said Geagea continued to hold on to the LF's three ministerial portfolios, including a key ministry like the public works.

Hariri, however, informed Geagea that he wishes to grant both the LF and the Phalange party one share consisting of three seats.

The PM-designate was said to have told Geagea that it would be difficult to give him the public works ministry, which has been a Jumblat demand.

While inner LF circles reportedly called on Geagea to "turn the table" and boycott a new Cabinet in which the party does not get hold of appropriate representation that would be suitable to both its political and electoral weights, the Phalange party continued to hold on to two ministers – Sami Gemayel (Maronite) with hopes he would be granted the industry ministry, and Salim Sayegh (Catholic) or a minister representing the Orthodox sect or the minorities, As Safir said.

It sure reminds me of my baby-sitting days, with screaming toddlers all wanting the same thing at the same time and none of them would ever give in. The sad thing is that these are all adult men, ‘elected’ to lead the country. Ah, Lebanon...