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I can’t believe it’s Dutch, episode 1: Eurodance

(This is the first in a series of posts about ‘unknown Dutch treasures’ – themselves usually well-known, but not the fact that they originated here, in this tiny country. Enjoy!) I made a ‘citizenship kit’ for Walid a while ago, to give him some background to life in Holland. (And also so I wouldn’t have to explain cultural references over and over again.) It contained, among other things, a list of songs and movies by Dutch artists that were popular when I grew up.

And what would you know? Some of those were the same songs he grew up with. He just never knew they were Dutch. Now I wouldn’t say they are the greatest legacy of the Dutch people for the rest of the world, but I bet it made a lot of people happy. Do you remember this one?

No Limit by 2Unlimited (aka Ray & Anita), early nineties.

Or this one?

We like to party by the Vengaboys, late nineties.

I thought you would. All Dutch!