Stories from Afar & Up Close

You know things are going wrong...

Armored car … when you find this advertisement in a magazine called ‘Lebanon Opportunities’. “Blindcorp’s offroad vehicles are designed to withstand the most difficult rough terrains in the world. Maximum armor protection system is provided to meet the unpredictable as well as the anticipated threat, without impeding the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Blindcorp’s Armored SUV… The Trusted Bodyguard.”

Even though Blindcorp’s vehicles probably won’t protect you from the ‘anticipated’ threat of car-bombs (favorite way of assassinating people here), the advertisement is clear in its assessment of the needs of the Lebanese market. “… it was only recently that Elie Soueidan (…) decided to branch out into armored car business. Defending a passenger from bullets is, after all, a very different exercise from leasing luxury vehicles. But clients kept asking for the service …”

Other countries Blindcorp serves? “Iraq, Afghanistan, and African countries.” Also: Columbia and Venezuela, amongst others.

And what do you know? Sietske recently found a similar ad.