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Bad advice (or, Parking lot romance - part 2)

for part 1 of this story, click here. So A. had passed his little not to C., and then the waiting began. He didn’t quite know how to proceed. What if she walked by the parking lot without looking at him? What if she would try to talk to him but he would be too busy to reply? He wanted to send her another note, asking her to clarify the details of their relationship, but because he didn’t really know if that would be a good idea, he asked my roommate for advice.

Hadi told him he should play it cool. Don’t be too eager. Let her come to you, if she likes you. Don’t go running after her. A. took the advice and applied it the next time C. walked past. He gave her a barely noticeable nod of the head – so barely noticeable, in fact, that she didn’t see it and thought he was ignoring her. The result? Silence on her side. No note to answer his last one, no smile when they happened to cross each other on the street. The relationship seemed doomed to fail.

A. then decided to ignore Hadi’s advice, and he asked a regular customer of the parking lot to write another note. C. accepted the message: they are speaking to each other again.

Luckily, A. doesn’t blame us for giving him advice that had almost cost him his only hope for a bit of romance. When we moved out of the apartment last week, he came to me and shyly said ‘You know, I will miss you guys. Really, I will miss you.’ I will miss him too. But I’m still within walking distance of the parking lot, so who knows – maybe I’ll go say hi one day, and hang around long enough to hear how the story continues…