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Inbox Lebanon

Inbox met Generaal/President It is with pleasure and anticipation that I open my email-inbox at work every morning. Not because of the amount of interesting letters, but because of the advertisements. The spam messages for blue pills and other body-part enhancing potions that I find in my private mail are useless compared to the advertisements I receive at the work-address. The offers for explosion-proof cars, announcements about vacancies in Saudi Arabia, and messages urging me to join the gym to look good for summer – they are a perfect way to keep up with the situation in the country without having to read the newspaper or watch the news on TV. Unrest and economic malaise? Increase in job-offers in the Gulf. Explosions and car-bombs? Increase in gadgets to detect explosives before they set off. Violence in the streets? Increase in options to shatter-proof your windows. Agreement reached in Doha? Book your table now at your favorite restaurant – and don’t forget the option of plastic surgery before bikini-season.

So are you curious to know how Lebanon is doing these days? Just take a peek at my inbox of this morning:

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