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I am the 804,100,258th richest person on earth!Remember when I told you that one quarter of the people in Lebanon live under the absolute poverty line? Well, even when living on a salary that is modest according to Lebanese standards for someone with my level of education, I am still in the top 13,4% of richest people in the world. Do you want to know how rich you really are? You can calculate it here in (literally) 1 second.

I’m famous! Eh, well, in the Netherlands at least. And only among those who have been listening to BNN Radio / BNN Today and have paid attention to the 3-minute segment called ‘Exit Holland’. As someone who has left the low country, I have been asked to shine some light on the rare and the mundane stuff of life in Lebanon. If you go here, you can hear what I had to say about the falafel-war between Israel and Lebanon (in Dutch only, unfortunately). (Als je klikt op Uitzending van 21 Oktober, en je vindt daar mijn naam, dan kun je ook eerdere uitzendingen beluisteren.) I have a new blog! No, I’m not leaving this one. There will be plenty of stories to follow. But the other one is for pictures, you see. That’s why I called it Qussa : The Visuals. One photo a day, to illustrate what’s being said here, or for something completely different – whatever I feel like showing you. So come over here and have a look!