Stories from Afar & Up Close

One woman makes the news, another one doesn’t

So here’s what happened, and we saw it:A woman in Iran protested the outcome of the elections, and was shot by the Religious Guard. She died on the street. International outrage followed.

So here’s what happened, and we didn’t see it: An Egyptian woman living in Germany sued a man for using racist and sexist slurs against her. She won; the man is fined 780 Euros. He appealed, and when she showed up in the courtroom for the second trial, he attacked her and stabbed her 18 times, to death, with a knife – in front of her 3-year old child. Her husband, who rushed in to help her, was shot by the guards in the courtroom and remains in critical condition in the hospital. International silence followed.

Can we all take a moment to think about what it means that the first death is immediately widely covered in European and American press, and the second death widely silenced?