Stories from Afar & Up Close

Just what we needed to hear from the prime minister

Saturday night, message from a friend“Hey, if you are out, be careful, Amal and Moustaqbal are shooting at each other and they torched a Hezbollah post at Ras Naba’a. Please be careful.”

Monday morning, conversation with my boss “Nicolien, you live in the Hamra-neighborhood right? Have you thought about what to do when a war starts? If it comes to war with Israel, there are two scenarios; air and land. If it is land, we will have time to prepare ourselves because they will definitely tell the UN-soldiers first and let the foreigners evacuate. If it is an air-attack, all we can do is wait and hope not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it is civil unrest, you can come to Sour, the Foundation has facilities to shelter its employees coming from dangerous areas.”

Tuesday night, written on the wall of a café “War is like love, it always finds a way. -- Bertolt Brecht”

Wednesday, on the Naharnet newssite “Premier Fouad Saniora has said civil war is unlikely in Lebanon… ‘I don’t think civil war will happen’ he told BBC.”

Very comforting words. Reassuring indeed.