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Hup Holland Hup

At the time of writing, it’s 2 for the Dutch team and 0 for the Italians. I still don’t really understand the excitement that football generates in this country, seeing that the only sport worth a national team is basketball, but tonight there truly is something at stake. No, I don’t say that because it’s my own national team playing. It’s because of their opponent. Look at this… 1968 Italy wins European Championship. and 1968 ‘Operation Gift’: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commando raid on Beirut International Airport.

1982 Italy wins the World Cup. and 1982 ‘Operation Peace of Galilee’ / First Lebanon War: Israeli invasion of Lebanon, up to and including Beirut, resulting in the occupation of South Lebanon (liberated in 2000).

2006 Italy wins the World Cup. and 2006 ‘Second Lebanon War’. Israel attempts to invade Lebanon, bombs large parts of South Lebanon, Southern Suburbs of Beirut and Bekaa.

See the pattern? It’s mainly for safety reasons that I want the Dutch team to win…